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jbagist wrote on May 6, 2021 at 12:23 am
Site is looking good! 🍵🍵🍵
Site is looking good! 🍵🍵🍵

New Year, New J. Bagist DJ Set

J. Bagist DJ Set 01-22-2021 from Property Materials on Vimeo.

  • Civilistjävel! – Bränsle för elden
  • Coil – Strange Birds
  • SVN – Dark Plan 5 (Extended Mix)
  • Muxer – Geryon
  • Thomas Brinkmann – Anna 1
  • Autechre – Metaz form8
  • Peder Mannerfelt – Music for Pieces of 909
  • Jeff Mills – Exhibitionist 2 Mix 3
  • Head High – Rave (Dirt Mix)
  • Laurent Garnier – The Man With The Red Face
  • Reptant – Temple of Reptilius

J. Bagist and Muxer tracks featured on a new ‘holiday’ mix by Christian S. Smith.

Copies of J. Bagist/Muxer tape are limited but still available at

Non-Event at Home #64 : J. Bagist

I put together some new squelches for Non-Event’s ‘At Home’ Series

Please consider donating to Non-Event.

J. Bagist gear setup for Non-Event set in December 2020

Gear shot.

No edits on the video art either. I setup a sequence of moments and ‘played through’

!!NEW MUSIC!! PROP015 – MUXER / J. Bagist C46 split

J-Card art for J. Bagist and Muxer split cassette

I spent a portion of the first few months of quarantine recording a few new tracks to pair with Muxer’s ‘Cinematica’ tape side. A good portion of soft-synths were used and I got in my last recordings with the Korg R3 before selling. Also, after feeling like Logic failed to make sampling easy, I purchased Serato Sample and I used it for all the sampling done on the cassette.

Here’s my poetic press blurb on it:

We drove crosstown as the L wore off.

Recorded in and around the early days of quarantine at Property HQ with a small stint of mixing on the beach in Saco, Maine. J. spent summer nights up late with a few synths that were soon to be sold. Samples sourced from radio rock heroes and a Polaris engine in the Sonoran desert.

Cover art for J. Bagist and Muxer split cassette

Digital Collage cover by J. Bagist.

Muxer text logo designed by J. Bagist